Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Art and Honesty Expression and Religion Essay Example For Students

Art and Honesty Expression and Religion Essay Art and honesty have a relation when both subjects occur within expression and religion. Many people feel that art has no importance throughout people’s daily lives. Those that dont understand the concept and advantage of art complain and say that art has no significance. Not everyone understands that people remain surrounded by art. Also, art has an intelligence level for people that involve themselves in the field, such as, musical arts, theatrical arts, or just art itself. Grace Hwang Lynch in her article, â€Å"The Importance of Art in Child Development† on Pbs. rg, speaks about the advantage art has on children that can improve their (the children) learning skills. Brian Kisida, Jay P. Greene, and Daniel H. Bowan in their article, â€Å"Art Makes You Smart† on Nytimes. com, mentions how the three paired with an art museum, â€Å"testing† and studying students (with consent) visiting the museum and asking about their knowledge on art. Fran Smith’s article, â€Å"Why Arts Education is Crucial, and Who’s Doing It Best† on Edutopia. org speaks about how art can apply to educational benefits for students to expand their potential. Honesty holds an important quality in life. Honesty means being truthful about a person instead of starting rumours. Being honest means admitting to lying about something, no matter how stupid, like a little boy forgetting to flush the toilet when clearly, the little boy was the last one to use the bathroom. Linda and Charlie Bloom in their article â€Å"The Cost and Benefits of Emotional Honesty†, speaks about how feeling like an idiot applies to honesty: â€Å"Its a small price to pay to feel like a blundering idiot while we are learning the skills of emotional honesty. † A student who had cheated on a test and then notified the professor of cheating also signifies a sense of honesty. Honesty comes throughout all types of art and proper usage and credit should include the original creator if ideas did not come naturally. This brings up plagiarism. When a person plagiarizes, then no honesty appears in the art created by that person. When a student puts in words to an assignment that are not his or her own unique words then that student should give proper rights to the original creator. Also, expression in religion applies to honesty. Catholics have a tradition within the religion called confession which means being honest to the Father or Pope of the church, spilling sins, in a small room or box. According to Paul Wilkes, â€Å"The Art of Confession: Renewing Yourself Through the Practice of Honesty,† speaks about how in religion, honesty has high importance and an act of expression towards a good soul and a clean mind. Confession seems to contribute in the art of honesty itself. Multiple connections apply to art. Art can connect with a value such as life. Psychology and art connect by the usage of the inkblot test and how an individual’s mind perceives the inkblots. Architectural work and art connect with each other using math and the idea of an individual or multiple people to create something.

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